2013 Shelby Raptor: Haul Ass, Not Equipment

Pickup trucks are often purchased for their ability to haul snowmobiles, firewood, and sketchy mattress forts. But the 2013 Shelby Raptor truck shakes you by the collar and screams DRIVE ME FAST! A supercharged engine capable of 575 hp is the cause for all the excitement, but the interior won’t stir up feelings of load hauling either. The custom Shelby leather and stylized graphics clearly peg this truck as something to show off in, not shovel mulch into.

2013 Shelby 1000: 1200 HP Enough For Ya?

Shelby marked its 50th anniversary last year with the GT500, and that car was and is certainly ferocious with its 662 horsepower, but this, this takes the cake. The 2013 Shelby 1000 ($155,000) smashes all expectations with a startling 1,200 hp. What can you do with that? We’re not quite sure; brag for starters. The adjustable suspension, performance cooling package and big brakes are nice, but with 1200 horses, this thing could come with an AM/FM cassette stereo and still rock the block.

2012 Shelby 1000

Hark! What sight doth sheen stilly, now loudly on yon horizon? O mercurial beast, azure in colour, whose name dances on labras. Shelby, ten-centuries of horse’s power, giveth 2012 Super-Stang as thy surname. Be thy loon or lout or jack of knaves, surely a lozel, with thy bollen wallet, can afford thine luxury? The cost may bestraught ($200,000). Forsooth, tis only mine conceit, and foul estimation. But come eld and exigence, regret may eche, as only a thousand Shelby’s upon us bestowed. I bid thou, friends and lovers, dig-you-a-good-den. Til the morrow!

Translation: Shelby 2012 Super-Stang, 1000 horspower, and only 1000 are being made. Get Shakespeare’d, bro.