Stainless Steel Shot Glasses: Gel-Propelled

We’re not sure if the┬áreusable freeze gel inside these Stainless Steel Shot Glasses ($50) was stolen out of Dr. Scholl’s foot insert plant, but we’re gonna pretend it was. Each hand-polished glass quickly gets your drink ice cold without the ice, and looks much better than the inside of a shoe.

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Instead of putting all your alcohol in the freezer and waiting hours for them to chill, put these soapstone shot glasses in there for four hours instead to turn any warm, harsh drink into a smooth, chilled one. Forget those outdated glasses. Real men drink from stone. Milled in Perkinsville, Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US, each set includes four 2 ounce glasses. They can be bought here.