Stars Wars AT-AT Skateboard Sculpture By Derek Keenan

Take two great interests and turn them into something colossal. That’s what Derek Keenan out of Denver, Colorado did. Black Book Gallery located in Santa Cruz has an exhibit called “Deathstar Blues” and Keenan’s art will be presented as part of it. The show also celebrates the Vans x Star Wars Classics collaboration. Head over to Black Book Gallery to see this if you make it in the area.

Casely-Hayford x H by Harris Quilted Leather Skateboards

The words, quilted and skateboards, no one thought they’d ever go together. British designer Casely-Hayford and leather makers H by Harris thought otherwise. This isn’t a board for the streets, it’s a board to decorate the walls at home. More like art. Translucent wheels, steel trucks and a stitched logo at the center set this piece off. Find the Casely-Hayford x H by Harris Quilted Leather Skateboards here.

Galasso Skate Guitars: Once A Shredder, Always A Shredder

What do you once you’ve run your skateboard ragged? If you’re Ezequiel Galasso of Argentina you turn that outdated deck into a guitar. Galasso and professional skateboarder Gianfranco de Gennaro have teamed up for Skate Guitars; lovingly recycled old skateboards that get stringed up and turned into electric instruments. From shredding in the streets to shredding on stage, this is the perfect gift for the ultimate shredder.

Rocksmith x Wu-Tang Skate Decks

Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Remember that from back in the day? Well Wu-Tang is on the rise and on a skateboard near you. Introducing the Wu-Tang Limited brand skateboard, which is the brain child of clan members RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and the rest of the crew. Together they saw some parallels between the evolution of skateboarding and hip-hop and thought, why not combine the two? Each board is produced in New York by Chapman Skateboards and will be available in the upcoming weeks. And much like Wu-Tang’s in your face beats and lyrics, the skateboard proudly sports the name WU-TANG large enough to be seen from miles away.

Paul Smith x Alien Workshop Skateboard

Sadly, this new, totally bada– skateboard can’t be shipped to the US or Canada due to shipping and customs regulations, and there are only 200 available for purchase. But for those fortunate enough to get their hands on it, the new Paul Smith Alien Workshop Skateboard, priced at $115, features a Paul Smith Stripe branded card and measures 8.375in x 31.75in. Each board is constructed from 7 veneers of hard rock maple, and each veneer layer has been custom stained to match the infamous Paul Smith stripes. On the bottom, the board features the same graphics seen on the Paul Smith Jeans collection. So as to not suck this board dry of its coolness, just don’t wear your Smith jeans while riding on your Smith board.