Ultralight Snowboard Carrying System: Turn Your Snowboard Into A Strap-On

Trekking through the snow while the wind mercilessly whips your face like a dominatrix who regrets her career choice is often the price you have to pay to experience the joys of carving up some powder. But fumbling with your gear? There’s no written or unwritten rule about that anywhere. The Ultralight Snowboard and Ski Carrying Systems by Function simplifies the carrying process with an extremely simple set up. A set of reinforced nylon straps quickly wrap around your board or skis, letting you then slip your arms through them to carry your gear, backpack style.

Splitsticks Splitboard: Don’t Make Up Your Mind

Since you were a kid, people have been telling you to make up your mind, whether it was for your choice of Happy Meal toy or the blonde or brunette at The Cheatin’ Beaver. But when it comes to making tracks in the snow, you don’t have to choose. Splitboarding offers the best of snowboarding and skiing as the board separates into two halves. This Splitsticks board promises the perfect blend of carving and climbing abilities. When the terrain is going uphill, just unlock the two sections and make quick work of your trail. Then, on the other side of the mountain, snap them back together and coast down the Beaver for that “happy meal.”

Aether Apparel Altitude Jacket and Apex Pant

All of us need that someone to understand our temperamental unique characteristics, that one person who”ll understand we’re liable to turn on the AC and heater during the same fifteen minute car trip. Well, when people fall short, there’s the Aether’s Altitude Men’s Snow Jacket ($675), with Schoeller® c_change™ smart fabric, or ‘sympathetic’ membrane technology. It functions to either release or retain heat in proportion to the amount of aerobic activity being employed. The Apex Snow Pants ($375) were designed in company with the jacket and also include body-temperature regulation, in addition to an ergonomic fit for ample range of motion. Never has it felt so good to be understood.

Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

November is here, and before you can say kumqwat pie, there will be snow on the ground and free time to frolic in it. Instead of that rusty old bloodstained toboggan, upgrade your sledding experience this year with the Stealth-X from Snolo Sleds ($3,000).  Made of the badass material du jour, carbon fiber, this thing carves through the powder like your Aunt Helen carves through the pecan pie. It also folds up into a backpack so you can skidaddle (as Helen would say) off the hills quickly when your extremities start to tingle.