Slice Box Cutter

So, if you’re anything like me, there should be a restraining order between you and anything sharp. I mean, within 2 days of owning brand new knives, I literally almost chopped two of my fingers off. No, really…I have the scars and lack of sensation from severed nerves in both fingers to prove it. Thankfully, I won’t have to worry about losing any digits this holiday when I pack and ship gifts, because there’s a new box cutter in town that’s actually safe.

Designed by Scot Herbst and Alfredo Muccino for Slice, this smart new blade has a ceramic blade and an ergonomic handle that wraps around your knuckles to protect your hands from mutilation. And for your convenience (or perhaps you’ll find it a cool accessory), the curved handle fits like a hook to hang from your pocket. Having a blade this close to “home” might be a little much for some, but you get the idea. The real appeal lies in the ceramic blade, which is ten times sharper than steel. Using this will reduce the amount of times you have to change the blade, therefore cutting back (no pun intended) the risk for injury and ultimately saving you a few bucks.

You can find this smart cutter at the MoMA Design Store and Home Depot (retails for $19.99). Not only can you feel confident you won’t lose a hand, but Herbst and Muccino are donating at least 1% of sales to autism research. This is one product that’s certainly a cut above the rest (couldn’t resist).