A Fancy Desktop Wood Slingshot For The Kid In You

You may have grown up, but you still love the same toys. Take the slingshot. You used to make one out of branches and a rubber band, now upgrade to the Desktop Wood Slingshot from RedEnvelope ($50). Get a classy, carved rubber and wood slingshot, durable enough to strike assailants or bug best friends. When not in use, display it in its walnut base. You can even personalize it. We suggest getting it engraved with “the only rubber I need”. If this looks too fancy for you, try this slingshot.

Hella Slingshots: Now Go Get Goliath

Rumor has it David slayed Goliath with some kind of a slingshot contraption. It was either that or this Zombie Axe. Either way, the slingshot has oodles of historical significance, and we think this ancient weapon is due for a comeback. The Hella Slingshot ($20) is hand-carved from Mora tree limbs and comes with a leather pouch which you can use to hold your pebbles, peanuts, or other P-letter projectiles. Use it take to down your own personal Goliath and you might just get your name in the forthcoming Even Newer Testament!