The Strata Smartwatch

Nothing says tacky like pulling out your phone in the middle of a staff meeting to silence your Nicki Minaj ring tone. Stay suave with the Strata Smartwatch ($159), which connects to a compatible iDevice or Android handset via Bluetooth, giving you all your vital call info, texts, and more with just a brief peek. The open-sourced software means developers can easily app it up, and the music controls will let you adjust the “Super Bass” on those funky jams of yours. Just don’t forget the earbuds.

Sony Smartwatch

The Sony Smartwatch ($149) gets you one step closer to being James Bond, and you could use the help, since we haven’t exactly seen you busting up terror cells or bedding a bevy of international babes recently. It connects to any Bluetooth-enabled Android device running Android 2.1, with the multi-touch display letting you get all your vital info at a glance on the 1.3-inch OLED display screen. We don’t recall Bond using his watch to listen to Bon Iver as he right-hooked Jaws in his silver grill, but you can use the Smartwatch to listen to your tunes as well. It does have competition, though.

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Putting down your phone takes willpower, and let’s face it, you’re fresh out. The Pebble ($150) may be the watch for you, Mr. Lilly Liver, as it works with iPhone and Android devices to run a number of apps on your wrist. The e-paper screen is viewable even in bright sunlight, and you’ll appreciate that function when you’re checking your email, Facebook and Twitter messages, caller ID, and music functions. A Kickstarter pledge of $99 can lock you in for one now as they go to production.