You’ll Save So Much Time Cooking With This

The smartphone will control all aspects of life in the future. Mark that down. It can start a car, unlock the front door to a house, turn on the lights and monitor sleeping patterns. And food. Glorious food. Control when food starts cooking with it. Exhibit A: Belkin’s partnership with Crock-Pot.

The Belkin Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker ($99) lets users change cooking temperatures, check meal times and obviously, turn the unit on and off. All this can be done miles away from home using a smartphone. Belkin also has more coming in their automated line, including a Mr. Coffee smart coffee maker and a Holmes smart humidifier. Here’s another prediction. Apple will enter the home automation category and revolutionize it. 

Hack Your Sleep With This New Invention

Computers and robots will take over the world. It’s a certainty. Heck, they can even learn from their experiences now. The markers on the path towards robot domination are little inventions like Withings Aura ($299). This device measures and optimizes the users’ sleep patterns. It’ll decide the best time to wake up in a sleep cycle, record heart rates, movements and breathing patterns and feed it back to a smartphone. And then upload it to the great robot overlords in the sky.

There’s two parts to the Aura, a small pad you slip underneath a pillow and a lamp. The pad measures biological input such as heart rates, breathing, etc., mentioned before. The lamp checks the room for temperature, noise and light. It also emits a red glow to help you sleep, a blue one to help you wake and a green light for when the girlfriend feels frisky tonight. They left out the option where it can broadcast your boss’ monotonous voice. “Time to get up, Worker #2132”. *Attach brain wave connector to slot in neck and begin work day 29,332*

Pressy: Cute As A Button (Probably Because It Actually Is A Button)

It’s amazing: In the span of about 20 years, us first-world humans have gone from being totally content to drop coins into a pay phone, to now throwing hissy fits if a TMZ video of Nicole Kidman getting run into by a papparazzo doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds on our handheld supercomputers—which are also phones. So yeah, we’re tech brats, and the trend is only getting brattier. Pressy ($15) feeds the tech troll in all of us by promising a faster way to take a picture, turn on your flashlight, share your location and more. Just plug the little guy into your headphone jack and you’re ready to shave valuable seconds off your phone’s app-load times with a simple press(y) of the button.