Nymi: Heartbeat Smartbeat

Nymi ($79) is a bracelet that promises to make your life a lot easier, all thanks to that little bump-bump, bump-bump going on in your chest. Apparently every person has a unique heartbeat, a cardiac rhythm if you will, and reading that rhythm lets Nymi recognize your beat and only your beat, freeing you up to wirelessly control your phone, car, and more with Bluetooth and simple gesture controls. It’s a life without passwords, and isn’t that what we all crave?

SmartThings: Complete Home Automation

So you’re away from home when you remember you left your lights on because Wesley, your imaginary friend, is afraid of the dark. But then–what’s this? You see Wesley at Red Lobster! So you whip out your phone and remotely turn the lights off with¬†SmartThings, a new way to access your home via low-powered, smartphone-controlled sensors. Using your router and the Cloud, you can control things like your AC unit,¬†lamps, and other appliances. It sure beats having to rely on Wesley’s unpredictable ass.