Smashing Pumpkins Re-Release Gish and Siamese Dream

Now you can relive the 90s grunge years and experience the Smashing Pumpkins all over again, just like the first time when you saw them at The Garden in ’96. The Pumpkins are re-releasing their 1991 debut album, Gish, along with Siamese Dream. Preorders will include an instant download of four tracks previously available to the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club – the 8-track demo of “Drown,” “Suicide Kiss Geek,” “Barb Wire” and “Rhinoceros Version 2,” plus a surprise new exclusive track. Pumpkins fans who order from the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club directly will be ecstatic to know that they’ll receive an additional bonus for taking the trip down memory lane; Corgan has included a home demo from the grunge years called “Frail and Bedazzled Instrument”.

The deluxe set contains three discs: the remastered original; the obligatory, but in this case, enlightening disc of outtakes; and a DVD of an early live performance. Unfortunately, there’s no time to grow your hair out or resurrect that flannel shirt that could walk by itself, because orders are being taken and shipped right now!