Firetext Smoke Alarm

Seriously? Why didn’t I think of this!? Although it’s taken this long for such a “no-brainer’ product to surface, the new Firetext Smoke Alarm is one of the smartest products I’ve seen in a while. This text messaging capable smoke alarm alerts up to 4 recipients in just 4 easy steps. It’s battery powered (with low battery warning alert), extremely loud, and it comes with a 2-year guarantee. Installation is supposedly simple (for those who are handy-man challenged). And here’s the kicker…..this text capable alarm is (drum roll)….insect proof! Huh? For those who care, the detector is also compliant with EN1406, AS3786 and UL217 standards and is CE, BSI, and SAI Global approved. Firetext Smoke Alarm, $89. Having piece of mind wherever you are, priceless.