Ultralight Snowboard Carrying System: Turn Your Snowboard Into A Strap-On

Trekking through the snow while the wind mercilessly whips your face like a dominatrix who regrets her career choice is often the price you have to pay to experience the joys of carving up some powder. But fumbling with your gear? There’s no written or unwritten rule about that anywhere. The Ultralight Snowboard and Ski Carrying Systems by Function simplifies the carrying process with an extremely simple set up. A set of reinforced nylon straps quickly wrap around your board or skis, letting you then slip your arms through them to carry your gear, backpack style.

SSX by EA Sports: Popular Snowboard Game Returns

Are you totally extreme and/or radical, but you don’t want to leave the safety of your home? Then video games are your perfect outlet. Lucky for you, EA Sports SSX (pronounced like an inarticulate snake saying “sex”) is back in full force on the XBOX 360 and PS3. The snowboarding simulation software brings back the style of the original with character customization, a gaggle of snowboard choices, and a staggering amount of downhill runs. Hone your skills in the single player mode, then try your luck in the multiplayer arena where you’ll most likely be called a noob by 12 year olds. Snowboarding: because skiing is for big wusses and lesser wimps.

Bataleon Enemy+++

You no longer have to wait until Rosie the maid becomes a robot and your suitcase doubles as your car to see what the snowboard of the future looks like. The Bataleon Enemy+++ is it, made from the finest of materials. Its lightweight core and thinner Lightning edges enable you to carve with precision, but don’t be fooled; this board is strong enough to withstand even the most gnarly crash, because its made of durable Poplar and Paulownia woods. Available in sizes 157, 160, and 163, this board’s sick Nano Carbon Hi Speed base gives it an insanely fast slide. How does it look, you ask? If you come to the half-pipe with your modern, all-black Enemy+++ in hand, your opponents should be afraid – very afraid.