Chill Puck: The Beer Keeper Colder

First it was used in hockey, then urinals, but now the puck has truly found its calling. Chill Puck ($5) is a miracle-working ice pack filled with a sub-zero material that “defies the laws of physics.” It’s molded perfectly to fit inside a koozy or attach permanently to your can with an assist from a Chill Band. Of course it’s also a great reminder of proper punctuation, since “Chill, Puck” sounds like something you might’ve heard on MTV in the 90s.

Pogoseat: In-Game Seat Upgrade App

When your dad your used to take you to the ballgame, did he buy the cheap seats then sneak down you down into the better ones? Oh… sorry. I didn’t know your dad was killed by a wild boar.  <awkward silence>   Well, um, if you’d like the option of upgrading your seats during the game, Pogoseat is where it’s at. Just launch the app on your phone and a few clicks later you’re trading that nosebleed for a concussion (from the foul balls). Better bring a handkerchief and an ice pack!