Coco Cafe

One sip of this tasty and vibrant pick-me-up and you’ll be transported to that tropical island paradise you’ve been longing for – well, minus the hot chick in the thong and the deep, dark Bain de Soleil tan you’ve never quite been able to get. Coco Cafe, a divine mix of coconut water, milk, and espresso, is not only a brilliant combination of delicious ingredients, but beneficial to your health as well. With high levels of electrolytes, antioxidants, and potassium, the coconut water is perfect for hydration, and also helps keep the body free of radicals and toxins. The espresso coffee naturally boosts your metabolism, giving you the energy to power through your day. Consider this the ideal anytime beverage. Warning: Drinking this beverage may cause you to wear a coconut bra while singing the words “shake, shake, shake senora”. Head here to get a dose of this good stuff.