Ballpark and Stadium Prints

Ever try to sketch your favorite ballpark on a 3-inch napkin with a mustard packet? Tough, right? The end result is barely suitable for wiping wiener juice from your chin, let alone framing. But these ballpark prints from City Prints more than get the job done, accurately and artistically rendering everything from Busch Stadium to Oriole Park on a 12×12 sheet. It’s $40 for the print, or drop $180 and get it in a nice frame. Or pay the $180, take the art out of the frame, stick the napkin in there, and use the fancy artwork to wipe the wiener juice. Technically, it is an option.

WWF Legends Minimalist Posters

If you asked me who are the big draws in pro wrestling today, I’d stumble and stutter and make up stuff up like Hank “Tasty Scallops” Scarborough and “Resentful” Rick Rubenstein. But ask me who was hot in the 80s, and I can rattle off names until I’m turquoise in the grill. If you’re with me on that one, then these WWF Legends Minimalist Posters  ($4.50) will surely wake you from the drowsiest of sleeper holds. The unique art style brings out the color and personality of each wrestler, from Andre the Giant to Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, with their signature finishing move noted at the bottom. Tasty Scallops’ finishing move? The Saute Slam, of course. Very painful.

NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition

The bubbly has barely dried on the postgame hookers’ asses from the NBA Finals, and yet time marches on. If you wanna own the top-of-the-line version of the preeminent basketball game this fall, go ahead and pre-order the Dynasty Edition of NBA2K13 ($99.99, PS3, Xbox 360). You’ll get an artistic Spalding basketball; Skullcandy earbuds; basketball-textured controller skin; and extra in-game  content when the software shoots into retail in October. Ladies of the evening not included. :(

MLB At Bat 12 iOS App

Despite the intense pressure from beer pong, baseball remains America’s national pastime. And when it comes to sports apps, MLB At Bat 12 ($14.99 for the season) is hitting cleanup, with a Cooperstown-like collection of information, features, and multimedia. Some 150 exhibition games will be available this month for viewing and whetting your appetite for the 162-game haul. Come on, you know the drill. It’s time to forget your mom’s birth date and replace that memory space with the knowledge of Hanley Ramirez’ lifetime On Base Plus Slugging Percentage (.886).

Coco Cafe

One sip of this tasty and vibrant pick-me-up and you’ll be transported to that tropical island paradise you’ve been longing for – well, minus the hot chick in the thong and the deep, dark Bain de Soleil tan you’ve never quite been able to get. Coco Cafe, a divine mix of coconut water, milk, and espresso, is not only a brilliant combination of delicious ingredients, but beneficial to your health as well. With high levels of electrolytes, antioxidants, and potassium, the coconut water is perfect for hydration, and also helps keep the body free of radicals and toxins. The espresso coffee naturally boosts your metabolism, giving you the energy to power through your day. Consider this the ideal anytime beverage. Warning: Drinking this beverage may cause you to wear a coconut bra while singing the words “shake, shake, shake senora”. Head here to get a dose of this good stuff.