Star Wars AT-AT Garden Gnomes

Lay waste to yard rodents and insects with Star Wars AT-AT Garden Gnomes ($40). They come molded in hardcore resin so no backyard nuisance stands a chance. Prop these up and even raccoons will think twice about invading your universe.

Use the Fork, Luke. The Star Wars Lightsaber Barbecue Fork

Soon, Star Wars will arrive. What’s the over/under on people sleeping outside waiting for the premiere? We guess 7 days. While in line, they can set up a grill, cook some weenies and put this Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Fork ($25) to good use. Stab them weenies with it and serve them to a friend up to 20″ away (the length of the lightsaber). They’ve made this officially-licensed product out of stainless steel, so it can also double as protection from line cutters.

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

As the 2015 release of Star Wars gets closer, the studios have begun to ramp up their production of Star Wars merchandise. Toasters, coffee machines, Legos, you will not escape the force…of product tie-ins this year. Take the Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block ($120). Five stainless steel knives in an X-Wing knife block. Make lightsaber sounds as you slice and dice your meats and veggies. If your date has any personality at all, she’ll join in the fun.

Stars Wars AT-AT Skateboard Sculpture By Derek Keenan

Take two great interests and turn them into something colossal. That’s what Derek Keenan out of Denver, Colorado did. Black Book Gallery located in Santa Cruz has an exhibit called “Deathstar Blues” and Keenan’s art will be presented as part of it. The show also celebrates the Vans x Star Wars Classics collaboration. Head over to Black Book Gallery to see this if you make it in the area.

Star Wars Figures Search For New Exploits In These Photos

Star Wars boldly goes where no man has gone before in these photos by Zahir Batin. The Malaysian photographer sets Star Wars figures far beyond the galaxy in humorous and dramatic new environments. He achieves this with super-close shots and unique poses by the action figures. It’s magnificent what he does and each shot captures a unique moment.

Star Wars Figures by Zahir Batin 01 Read the rest of this entry »

Use the Force..and Butter With the Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader was intimidating, but if he had toast popping out of his head, we’d have a different perspective. Here comes an officially licensed Darth Vader Toaster ($45). The Sith Lord’s helmet gives you two slices of toast with the image of Darth Vader on one side, and the Star Wars logo on the other. Expect your carb consumption to increase dramatically, since eating toast will now be twice as fun. Maybe even three times.

Ayrton Senna Stormtrooper Racing Helmet

Formula One meet Star Wars. Some background. Ayrton Senna, a Formula One racing legend, won 3 Formula One championships and tragically died while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Now, Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios produced this sculpture entitled “Ayrton” using the original Star Wars molds. Artist Jason Brooks then decorated it with the decals and insignias Senna would’ve used. A tribute to two legends. If racing ain’t your cup of tea, maybe Haitian Witch Doctor Star Wars Helmet or Groovy 70’s Star Wars Helmet, both by the same artist, will capture your imagination.

It’s A Sarlacc In Your Toilet

How many business ideas start with the phrase “toss Boba Fett down the Sarlacc pit”? Well, at least one. Robbie Rane made the Toilet Sarlacc ($25) set of toilet decals that you slap onto your porcelain. Drop an unknown intergalactic object into the sarlacc and watch it swallow it up. Just don’t leave tiny shadow troopers behind.