Shed Nation Helps You Declutter

Even though you’re not a hoarder, you still have a lot of stuff. The garage can’t take anymore so it’s time to think of other options. Try building your own shed. Shed Nation ($14) by Popular Mechanics shows you blueprints for big and small sheds to suit any overflow. Unless you like being a hoarder.

Seat Barrel Bag

We’ve all been there: stranded in a rather desolate part of the Swiss Alps with nothing but a bicycle and an impending sense of doom. Can you really rely on a St. Bernard to deliver a precious cask of brandy during your death throes? Why not cut out the middleman (in this case middlecanine) and strap that cask of sweet alcoholic release to the back of your bike using the Seat Barrel Bag by WalnutStudiolo. In all fairness, the Seat Barrel Bag ($120) is based on the St. Bernard barrel’s design, functioning as a trunk rather than a kegerator of liquor. But with 11.3 cubic inches of space inside tanned leather and Northwest cedar, it can fit all kinds of brandy. Perfect for temporarily forgetting about that frostbite!

ioSafe SoloPRO, Protect Your Data Against the 2012 Apocalypse

With the 2012 Apocalypse fast approaching, how will you keep your data safe? Look no further than ioSafe’s SoloPro, a fireproof, waterproof and dummy-proof external hard drive. As fires ravage the lands, feel secure with SoloPRO’s 30 minute protection against 1550° heat. You’re on your own in that 31st minute, but half an hour should be enough time to formulate a plan. And as those floods race across the fruited plains, rest easy knowing your valuable porn is protected 10 feet underwater. For 3 days! It also doubles as a flotation device, although this isn’t disclosed in the instruction manual.

ioSafe includes a twelve month data recovery service with each unit. So, you’re all set if the apocalypse lasts into 2013. ioSafe’s SoloPro retails for $499, a much better investment than a bomb shelter.