Sword & Plough: Repurposing For A Purpose

Sword & Plough is the cool company name here, and it’s based on the old saying “to turn swords into plough shares”; it basically means taking military technologies and materials and applying them to peaceful civilian applications. So knowing that, it makes sense that these bags and iPhone cases are made from recycled military surplus materials, and that the team behind the gear is made up of military veterans. Each product is made in the USA, and as they say about their materials, “If it doesn’t have a cool story, we won’t use it.” We salute you.

5 (Asinine) Tips for a Super Summer

It never fails. The thermometer hits 85 and TV newscasters bombard us with doomsday warnings about killer jellyfish and deadly potato salad drive-bys. But man, summer only lasts two months! It needs to be sucked dry of all its fun juice, and sucked fast and hard. Ditch the nagging naysayers and click “Next” to pump up your summer fun!

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Hankie Pocketbook

Bill Belichick, your fashion accessory is ready. While the Patriots head coach may have the emotional range of a dusty desk lamp, he surely could find a use for the Hankie Pocketbook ($9.99). This little gem appears to be a hankie for your suit, but it’s actually a mini notebook. So if Bill is forced out of his sweatpants due to a funeral and a suit is necessary, he can stuff this baby into his breast pocket and make it look like he’s prepared to shed a tear, instead of drawing up new ways to lose to Eli Manning.