Pencil Stylus for the Paper App: Old/New School Doodling

What do you do when you create a popular iPad app called Paper? Well, it’d be foolish to not deliver a pencil. And that’s just what 53 has done, creating Pencil ($50), a cool new stylus that works in concert with Paper. Made from harvested wood, Pencil promises a new way to sketch without being sketchy. The ‘adaptive palm rejection’ feature means Pencil won’t think you’re trying to draw with your hand, even if it’s smooshed up against your tablet.

Adobe Project Mighty Stylus And Napoleon Ruler: No More No. 2s

Whomever finally slays that grade school giant, the No. 2 pencil, will surely be crowned king of the land. Well, Adobe just sharpened up its sword. Yes, that Adobe is unveiling the Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler, promising a new way to draw on your tablet. The Mighty is a pressure sensitive pen that connects over to an iPad or iPhone over Bluetooth and lets you doodle and dawdle your way through the screen, even using your finger as the eraser. The Napoleon acts as a normal ruler would, but also gives you the freedom to draw straight lines anywhere on the tablet when it’s pressed against the screen. Now if we could just do something about the books and teachers’ dirty looks.

Sensu Brush: Paintbrush for the iPad

You can do just about anything on your tablet, but as you learned the hard way last year, you can’t slather it in paint. The Sensu Artist Brush aims to change that, using conductive hair that promises to give you a true painting experience on any tablet or phone with a capacitive screen. If you’re not in the mood to create a masterpiece, put the cap back on and it becomes a stylus for basic use. The price of the Sensu varies at the moment with its Kickstarter status, but it’s expected to retail for $35 when it lands in stores next year. In the meantime, step away from that can of Dutch Boy.