Subwoofer by Joey Roth

Where do your like your bass? No, not the popular gamefish, we’re talking bass! As in bass in your face! I prefer it on the floor, but the Ceramic Subwoofer by Joey Roth is so stylish and diminutive, you’ll have options aplenty. Made of stainless steel, porcelain, and Baltic birch plywood (cheap plastic was not invited to this party), the Ceramic Subwoofer simply plugs in and extends your audio system’s frequency response down to 40Hz. Bass! How low can you go? (OK, that time we were referring to the popular gamefish).

Sonos SUB: Wireless Subwoofer

Sonos is good doogsi sonos. That is our only attempt at writing this post entirely as a palindrome. Sonos, the palindromic company behind the Play:3 and Play:5 wireless speakers, brings you the non-palindromic SUB ($700). Aside from its heinous lack of being a palindrome, the SUB does what subwoofers do best: woof subs. And play music. Most importantly, it contains force-canceling speakers that prevents annoying rattling, but doesn’t change the fact that the SUB could have easily been named SUB BUS and therefore be a palindrome. Despite its disregard for the joy of palindrome-ness, the SUB’s one button setup and wireless capability make up for it (barely). Lion oil.