Giant Sushi Suitcase Covers

If they made four foot long sushi, would you eat it? Of course you would. Alas, they don’t make four foot long sushi. They do make suitcase covers that look like sushi though. Parco, a department store out of Japan, came up with these huge covers resembling tuna and salmon nigiri, among other styles. You’ll never lose your bags again. Now…where to find four foot long sushi



Never lose your luggage again with MUJI OJOKEESUS Suitcase Eyes. These are basically stickers of really big eyes, mustaches and other features that you stick on your luggage. You can mix and match and go wild with your designs. On the infinitesimal chance you see the same design coming off the carousel, then you are either stuck in an episode of Lost or just found your soulmate. Find these at MUJI in Japan. Or maybe online also. What do I look like, Google? They’re out there somewhere.

[Images via Fucking Young]