OUTLIER Grid Linen Towel: Complete The Beach Style Circle

The beach towel is one of the last places the modern man checks for style; that’s why you’ll often see a dude with a buff bod and hip trunks ruining it all by laying on a Spider-Man 2 towel. The OUTLIER  Grid Linen Towel brings both style and H2O-sucking performance to the shore thanks to linen itself–one of nature’s strongest fibers. It absorbs moisture better and dries faster than cotton. And if the Spidey thing is that important to you, there’s always iron ons.

Dimension TWO Longboards: It’s All About The Wood

When you’re riding the big one (we’re talking surfing here), you wanna be standing on some good wood. Dimension TWO Longboards are made from carefully crafted layers of fine beech wood that’s grown on the “sunny side of the Alps.” It promises to offer a tough and wear-resistant surface that can withstand any wave or Mako collision.

Curly Hot Dog Roasters

How many wieners have you lost to campfires over the years? There’s no innuendo in that; it’s a serious question. If it’s more than one, that’s one too many. Secure your meat with these handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Hot Dog Roasting Sticks ($22). Made from high-quality steel with a classy oak handle and leather carrying strap, these frank protectors will ensure a delicious, even roast over the flames, while making sure your dinner doesn’t die a fiery death. The dog you save may be your own.

City Boy Picnic Grill

Just because urbanites choose to live in a city doesn’t mean they don’t love to fire up the grill and let the aromas of singed animal flesh waft through the great outdoors. But space? That’s an issue. The City Boy Picnic grill designed by Klaus Aalto is compact, stylish, and the steel gas burner cooks meat. So the next time your country friends point to barbecuing as a reason to move to the sticks, point to this and say “Screw you, country friends! And while you’re at it, how about you come up with a real name for yourselves besides ‘country friends’!?”