Perfect Prizes for the Primary Politicians

Super Tuesday 2012, the Super Bowl of the Republican Primary, hits today. Watch the candidates outdo each other as they tell us which bold new programs and promises they’ll ultimately fail to implement if elected. Who will fail us the least? Now’s the time to choose.

In honor of the combatants, we’ve assembled the perfect prize for each candidate to take home should they win. Delegates? We fart on your delegates. This is the real competition, my friend. Click through to read So Freaking Cool’s “Perfect Prizes for the Primary Politicians”.

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Chrome Hearts Aviator Sunglasses

Celebrities flock to Chrome Hearts sunglasses for its appeal and workmanship. Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy and Brian Austin Green (Megan Fox’s boytoy) have been known to sport these frames. So if you want to be a hilarious black comedian or date super hot Hollywood starlets, jump on the Chrome Hearts Aviator Sunglasses from the Summer 2011 collection. Each sport a combination of leather, 925 silver (the best sterling silver available) and metal, while adhering to the classic aviator look. Find their available stores here.

Ray-Ban x Brooks Brothers Sunglasses

Celebrities, including Jay-Z, Robert Pattinson and Rachel Bilson, have recently rediscovered Ray-Ban’s best-selling designs. Now, it joins forces with another iconic brand, Brooks Brothers, for a summer sunglasses collection. The Ray-Ban for Brooks Brothers Collection features Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer and Aviator styles with the BB #1 Repp stripe lining the inside arms. Brooks Brothers signature mark provides a subtle visual break in the overall appearance, while maintaining the essence of Ray-Ban’s style.

Both are available in yellow or burgundy with a retail price of  $145 for the Wayfarers and $139 for the Aviators. Brooks Brothers will carry the collection in-stores and online.