Imagine Superheroes As Popsicles

If Wonder Woman was a popsicle, what would she taste like? A nice strawberries and cream swirl perhaps. Batman might taste like Rocky Road. Though their flavors will never fully be realized, artist Chung Kong has imagined them as popsicles in his ‘My Super Hero Ice Cream Series’ print collection. Riddle me this. Do you prefer your superheroes as popsicles or slovenly nose pickers?

Secret Life of Superheroes Art Prints Series 2: Superman Flips Super Bird

It was only a couple of months ago that we enjoyed seeing Superman brush his teeth and Batman making out with Robin. Now artist Greg Guillemin is back with more candid behavior from our favorite tough guys in tights with Secret Life of Superheroes Art Prints Series 2. See Wonder Woman enjoying a banana, the Hulk rolling a joint, or Spidey grabbing crotch; because the comics only tell half of the story.

Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD

For 10 glorious seasons, Smallville gave us the chance to watch the teenage years of Clark Kent before he became the Man of Steel. Now, you can relive those times with Smallville: The Complete Series, a 62 disc box set capturing all 218 episodes in this series, including 5 hours of never-before-seen special features, such as behind-the-scenes interviews and the 2010 final Comic Con panel. Gotta have this if Smallville was appointment viewing for you during high school or college. Available here for $200. And for a more exploratory read on Smallville, check out Zaki Hasan’s essay on HuffPo.