Surf-ace Table and Bench: Have A Gnarly Thanksgiving, Dude

Is it your turn to host Thanksgiving this year? Blow their minds with the Surf-ace Table and Bench (12,000 euros); a stunning set designed by Christopher Duffy for Duffy London, that’s made using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques. It’s as if someone took Greg Brady’s board from the Hawaii episodes and molded it into something to serve turkey on. There’s a limited edition of 20 here, so if you want the ultimate accompaniment for your cranberry sauce, act fast.

ISAORA x Meyerhoffer Surfboard: The Beach Boys Can’t Handle This

Surfing had its first heyday in the early 60s with songs like “Surfin’ USA” tearing up the charts, but we think the Beach Boys would be totally out of their league if confronted by this super slick new ISAORA x Meyerhoffer Surfboard ($995). This black beauty is only 6’6″ long, and with the negative side cut pintail, some talent is required to handle it. And that’s surfing talent, not musical talent.

WaveJet, Jet Propelled Water Fun

Skip the paddling, ride more waves with the WaveJet. The WaveJet uses a patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) engine to drives riders through ongoing currents. Capable of 20 pounds of thrust and a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes, the WaveJet lets you conserve energy to spend more time riding. Not just restricted to surfboards, you can use it for kayaks, rescue boards and kiteboards. If you prefer, the motor can also be detached. Preorder the WaveJet now for even adrenaline-filled fun.