Swann Freestyle HD Wearable Video Camera

The last thing anyone needs is to have their left tibia crushed by an angry bull shark. But the second to last thing anyone needs is for their friend to have their left tibia crushed by an angry bull shark and have them not get any footage of the attack.  Talk about your letdowns! Avoid the angry glances with the Swann Freestyle HD, a high definition wearable video camera. This thing shoots crystal clear 1080p video in water up to 65′ deep–plenty deep enough for you to get into some H2Oh-no! mischief.  Much like your leg, the Freestyle’s LCD viewer is detachable, so that’s good. You can use the 3x digital zoom to focus in on the bloodthirsty beast as it spots you in your I-deserve-to-be-eaten Speedos, and be sure to utilize the camera’s 8MP still shot capabilities when the ravenous beast dines on your hairy shin. Remote control, rechargeable battery, carry pouch, and helmet-mounting bracket all come standard with the $279.99 package.