IKEA Lovebacken: Own IKEA History (And A Table)

For the IKEA loyalists out there, the Lövbacken may be the coolest piece of furniture you can put a lamp on. This is the first three-legged, leaf-shaped table the company sold, dating all the way back to 1956 when it was called the Lövet. Back then designer Gillis Lundgren would sell these out of his trunk (where he definitely did not keep any dead bodies), and that need for portability is what led him to unscrew the legs and voila (not a Swedish word), the flat-pack furniture movement was born.

The Float Wood Cube Table: Worthy Of Holding Your Best Beer

The Float Table uses, what, magic to maintain its amazing trick of keeping wooden cubes virtually in midair? Looks like it. OK, so a system of tensile steel cables provide the sturdiness behind the illusion, but there’s no denying this stunning design will kick-start ample living room conversations and serve as a more than worthy holder of your finest brew. Each handcrafted table offers a sturdy place to set a drink, but it also has a cool spring-like recoil when you apply some pressure.

Kaari Table by Juhani Horelli: Take It To The Bridge

James Brown probably wasn’t talking about furniture when he yelped “Take it to the bridge,” but maybe that ‘s just because the Kaari Table hadn’t been created yet. Designer Juhani Horelli offers this beautiful design in walnut, wenge, and stripy birch plywood. It’s polished with a lacquer finish, and it looks like that nook could certainly hold a few James Brown LPs, if you wanted to bring the whole thing full circle.

Kaikuuu01: Airplay Enabled Table

If your girl is one of those NVENs (No Visible Electronics Nazis), this table warrants serious consideration. Mela & Vanamo introduce the Kaikuuu01 table sound system, an Apple Airplay compatible table with speakers and radio integrated into the table itself. Made out of Canadian maple with a glass top, the only sign of tech with this thing is the AC cord that stealthily comes out of one leg. If that’s not good enough for your woman, well then, no sex for you!

Transparent Graph Table by Xavier Lust

They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but really, who should be throwing stones? What, chucking a rock at someone’s noggin is OK if your house is made of stucco? Fortunately there’s no such cliche for glass desks yet, so now would be a good time to pick up the Graph Table. Belgian designer Xavier Lust created this stunner with help from Italian furniture manufacturers FIAM, and its  curved glass and polished stainless steel radiates understated flair. It’s the perfect desk to write, read, draw, or type on, just please, for the love of God, no stone-throwing.