Bionic Bopper Cars

It’s always been your dream – ever since you saw that Hugh Jackman movie 3 weeks ago – to control a robot in a high-stakes boxing match. Well hallelujah, that dream can now come true. Bionic Bopper Cars are motorized robot boxers controlled by human drivers via thumb triggers on two independent joysticks. With each press of the button you’ll be guiding two pneumatic-powered, tire-tread-fisted arms at the opposing robot’s head, with each successful hit satisfyingly knocking that melon back and earning you a point. The $17,000, 850-pound robots are powered by Honda gas engines, getting up to 3 mph for forward, backward, and left and right spins. At that speed, it’d take you about five hours to get to work in one of these, but man, those would be five very entertaining hours.