The Walking Dead Beer With Real Brains Inside

Brain-flavored beer. Sure, why not? Dock Street Brewery put real smoked goat brains in their Dock Street Walker beer. It’s to honor the season finale of The Walking Dead. The American Pale Stout clocks in a 7.2% ABV and Dock Street made it with wheat, oats, flaked barley and organic cranberries. In addition to goat brains. Here’s hoping you are what you eat, and drink.

Poster Your Domain With Seinfeld Prints About Nothing

It may have gone off the air 15 years ago, but the love affair still continues with  millions of fans and one very special sitcom. We’re talking of course about Murphy Brown, or as they call it in the hood — where it’s really popular — Murphy Motherf****ng Brown.  But another TV program that ended in 1998 and that also has a few fans left is Seinfeld, and that show has some cool new posters to celebrate it. Sign-Feld’s Posters and Prints About Nothing ($20+) feature all of the classic lines and phrases from the show, including “She Had Man Hands” and “No Soup For You”, which is a great poster to hang up if you have a roommate who’s always asking for soup, and like, you generally only buy those one-serving size Chunky containers.

Heisenberg Rock Candy

What a tragedy. See, I had a feeling Heisenberg “Blue Glass” Rock Candy ($10 for a two pack) was meant to resemble crystal meth, but I wasn’t sure. So I started doing research to see what the illegal and very dangerous drug actually looks like. Well, one thing leads to another and whammo! I’m now addicted to methamphetamine. Grrreat. Anyways, the above harmless treat has the luscious taste of cotton candy, and it comes in a biodegradable little baggie–perfect for Breaking Bad fans. But crystal meth? Not perfect for my job as a heavy machinery operator.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Blu-ray Contest

Winner: Our balls have made a choice. Our ping pong balls that is. And they choose the great Peter M. as the winner of the Game of Thrones contest. Peter, check your e-mail for details. To everybody, thanks for reading and here’s to another great season of sword-fighting. Err…

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