The Meriwether Tent

Camping season has arrived. That means crapping in the woods. But at least you can use the Meriwether Tent ($1250) to make yourself comfortable when you aren’t doing that. Haul this premium-quality tent out into the woods and enjoy maximum safety with its fire, mildew and flame resistant canvas. There’s ample sleeping room for four to six people, and a vinyl bottom for extra dry floors.

HeimPlanet Wedge Tent: All The Other Kids With The Pumped Up Tents

This is how you can tell we’re making progress as a society: In the late 80s we had pump up sneakers; today we have pump up tents. The Hemiplanet Wedge Tent makes a quick camp out easy and – dare we say it – fun. Yes, camping can now legitimately be called fun.  Just remember this is a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pump) kinda party and you’re set.

The North Face Dome Tent

Camping out inside a dome is probably illegal and it’s definitely dangerous, depending on which day of the week it is and if that dome plays host to an NFL team. But this is a dome you can relax in. The North Face Dome Tent ($5,000) is called the“ultimate eight person expedition base camp tent,” so somehow we doubt this is what you pick up for little Jacob to use with his friends in the backyard. The two-meter tent has been tested in the brutal conditions of Himalayas and Antarctica. So yes, what we’re saying is you can send Jacob to Everest. That’s the takeaway from this.

Luminair Tree Tent

How can you find out if a falling tree makes a noise in the forest? Live there. No, really, go live there and do some research on it. And live in the forest you can with the Tree Tent from Luminair ($12,800). It’s a lightweight, hybrid aluminium and steam bent airframe. It’s waterproof and puts minimal stress on the trees themselves. Remember, squirrels will now be your new neighbors, so it’d be a nice gesture to offer up your nuts.

Fieldcandy Tents

As the years have gone by, camping has been steadily dropping on the Top 100 list of Fun Things to Do with A Weekend. For example: It was most recently leapfrogged by “painting with condiments.” So yeah, a jolt in the arm of this ancient activity is needed. We think we’ve found it: Fieldcandy Tents ($785). These breathtaking tents feature an amazing array of lifelike designs, from a giant slice of watermelon to a silhouette of a guy and girl making out. Built with heavy-duty materials, easy set up poles, and breathable cotton, they could be what makes camping cool again.

Heimplanet’s Cave Tent

Taking a cue from nature’s most stable structure, the molecular diamond, Heimplanet offers us the Cave,  a forward-thinking tent design offering convenience and stability for the camper in you. The Cave Tent starts off with an Inflatable Diamond Grid. This self-supporting airframe sets up in a minute, has no moving parts and only requires you to pump, pump, pump it up Kris. Oh, but you’re about to. An outer tent of lightweight, waterproof polyester ensures perfect air supply. Check the roof design. It follows the star-shape of the diamond frame, allowing multiple points for water runoff.

Inside, the inner tent of water-repellent, nylon fabric is well-constructed, but light enough to allow maximum breathability. Multiple storage spaces are sewn into the tent, while a detachable gear loft offers even more storage. Preorder now for $669.