Terrywood: Terry Richardson’s Vision of Hollywood

Terry Richardson may be a little creepy, but who among us doesn’t have a little perv in ’em? Terrywood ($38) is a compilation of Richardson’s boffo exhibition earlier this year in L.A. where he trained his focus more on Hollywood and less on ta tas. This book details the exhibition in picture form, as well as the year-long process of putting the whole thing together. As you wait for the book to arrive, pass the time with some of Terry’s finest.

Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson Book

What do you get when you post 350 photos of Lady Gaga in a Terry Richardson book? A flipbook for that creeper, Terry Richardson’s amusement? How about a titillating train wreck that will mesmerize and captivate even those who aren’t so gaga over Gaga. Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson will feature hundreds of original behind-the-scenes photos of Gaga that are sure to shock and awe readers everywhere. The photos track the last ten months of Lady Gaga’s life, from Lollapallooza 2010 to her recent Monster Ball tour, and readers can be sure that Richardson has captured The Gaga in ways that even the most obsessed fan has never seen. Grand Central Publishing just released the book, which is now available at Amazon and major bookstores all across the world.

Some book photos after the jump. Some might be NSFW.

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