Tesla Model X: Falcon Wing Your Way Past The Gas Station

Tesla is putting its considerable electric muscle into the SUV market now, though they don’t really want you to call the forthcoming Tesla Model X (reservations start at $5,000) an SUV–and certainly not a minivan. And that’s understandable, especially with the AWD model’s ability to go 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds. Also no SUV can boast of the majestic ‘Falcon Wings’ the X has for doors, lifting up vertically Lamborghini style.  Of course unlike most gas-chugging SUVS, this one uses no gasoline, and Tesla says the X has a center of gravity lower than any other SUV, so handling should be superior.

Tesla Model X

The Leaf and Volt have been nice little entries into the slooooowly blossoming electric car market, but the no-gas-necessary bar is about to be raised by Tesla. The Model X ($49,900) crossover will have room for 7 passengers, a 17″ touchscreen display, and “falcon-wing doors” which float skyward, allowing easier access to the third row of seats. Plus, the styling is just magnificent. Tesla’s already greasing the publicity skids for the late 2013 release, and getting support from bands like Foster the People surely doesn’t hurt the hype now, does it? Pumped up kicks, charged up rides–whatever it takes.