The Walking Dead Beer With Real Brains Inside

Brain-flavored beer. Sure, why not? Dock Street Brewery put real smoked goat brains in their Dock Street Walker beer. It’s to honor the season finale of The Walking Dead. The American Pale Stout clocks in a 7.2% ABV and Dock Street made it with wheat, oats, flaked barley and organic cranberries. In addition to goat brains. Here’s hoping you are what you eat, and drink.

Weekend Refill, 3.08.13

It’s the weekend and that means my weekly spaceman race. No…no I don’t have a girlfriend. How’d you know? Bah, just read these links while I go get my spacesuit shined.

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– Circus rabbit  (Sad and Useless)

– I would die for that photo. Yes..yes you will. (Visual News)

– Herbalife on the brink of collapse? (The Verge)

– Why some international aid ideas are misguided. (Matador Network)

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Set: Heads Up

Word on the street (fine, the Internet) is that this season of The Walking Dead has been pretty solid. Of course it ain’t over yet, but we wanted to give you a heads up about this gruesome Season 3 Limited Edition Set ($TBA) before it comes out. Inspired by a certain ‘aquarium’ on the show, these heads can actually be filled with water and lit up when mom comes over for meatloaf. Is it sicker than this Season 2 horror? The only way to tell is by seeing them side by side on your shelf.

The Walking Dead Minimalist Prints

The Walking Dead is back! No, not the cast of The View, we’re talking about AMC’s zombie drama-a-rama. Now you could celebrate by tuning in to each episode and talking about the storylines with passionate co-workers, or you could quit your job, buy these handmade posters ($16), and talk to them instead! Each one is 12″ x 16″ and features a minimalist design of characters from the show. Dontcha wish The View was more minimalist?