Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Watch: Ready, Jet Set, Go

In January of 1953, an estimated 71% of American TV sets were tuned into I Love Lucy to see her give birth. In other, less gross news from that year, Tissot unveiled its┬áNavigator worldtimer; a watch that oozed class not amniotic fluids. It also told the times of many international cities. Now, to┬ácelebrate its 160th anniversary, Tissot is unveiling the Heritage Navigator, a new take on that gem from 60 years ago. The styling of the steel case is quite similar, but a few cities have been changed, with Buenos Aires being subbed out for Chicago and Dakar being replaced by Atlantic. That’s a bummer for those cities, but at least they weren’t subjected to seeing Lucille Ball pop one out. Ick.