If Segway And Vespa Made A Baby

Two great inventions collide into one Centaur-looking beast. Well, the upper half of a Centaur. It also looks like a sea horse. That’s besides the point.

If $4,000 is chump change, put it down on these custom hand-made people movers. Catalonian designers Bel & Bel took actual Vespa scooter parts and mashed them up on the Segway PT. They call the end result the Zero Scooter.

It carries someone up to 400 lbs, hits a top speed of 12 mph and a range of about 20 miles. Be prepared to get plenty of attention on the streets.

Onewheel To Rule Them All

One day, teleportation will become the norm. And Google will still be able to track you even then. For now, transportation will still mostly depend on circular objects called ‘wheels’. Take the Onewheel for example.

This hoverboard-like device lets you glide around the city like Marty McFly. Tilt forward and back to control your ride. The unit hits up to 12 mph with a range of 4-6 miles. Recharging takes about 20 mins to 2 hours. It looks like a fun toy that beats walking like the plebeians with their ‘feet’ and all.