Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton: The Other Social Network

With Twitter now trading on the New York Stock Exchange, what’s next for the little birdie? We’re thinking a movie; though our current working title for it, The Other Social Network: Not A Sequel, But Similar To The Movie That Had That One Nerdy Kid And Justin Timberlake, is a little wordy. But make no mistake, according to Hatching Twitter:  A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal by Nick Bilton ($18.67), there was plenty of juicy stuff involved with Twitter’s beginning, from power-grabs and buddy betrayals, to deciding what shade of blue to make the bird (we’re guessing on that one).

Vine: Twitter’s Video Sharing App

Just as they reduced conversations to bite-sized nuggets, Twitter’s doing the same thing with video. Vine is the new app that whittles down H.264 videos, shot from your iPhone, into six-second, GIF-sized clips. You know what this means. More cat videos. Share Kitty to those in your Twitter feed, or direct in the Vine app. Supposedly, Facebook sharing is an option too, though as of now, Zuckerberg’s put up a big facepalm to the app.