uFlavor is interactive marketing at its best. Its the world’s first user-generated refreshment company, letting consumers choose what goes on and in the bottles. Kind of a scary thought but truly brilliant. uFlavor has just launched flavored waters, energy drinks, sodas, and teas, all created in uFlavor vending machines by those who need to express themselves in the most creative of ways. With names like Foundry Group Mad Men Juice, Penis Breath, and Chuck Norris Face Kick, how can you NOT try this product out for yourself. You can control the color, the flavor, and even the caffeine content. As an added bonus, whenever someone buys your flavor, you get a cut of the profits. It’ll be interesting to see how the soft drink staples hold up against The Uprising, The Revolt, and The Takeover, which are uFlavor’s 3 launch stages, all sharing one common goal – to make uFlavor the #1 beverage choice of consumers everywhere. This is sure to be one entertaining refreshment revolution.