IXL British Army Knife: Open Your Can Of Beans Like A British Soldier

You could open your can of beans like you normally do — with a careless indifference to the task at hand while whistling the Full House theme — or you could change it up drastically and open it like a WWII British solider! The IXL British Army Knife has been used for decades by troops across the pond, with its stainless steel sheepsfoot blade, marlin spike for rope work, and yes, can-opening tool. The handle even has an integrated screwdriver so you can screw like a British soldier too. Wait…

CardSharp 2

It’s a James Bond-like utility knife disguised as a credit card. The CardSharp 2 (available at IanSinclair for $25) is lightweight and razor sharp with its rust-free, stainless steel surgical blade. An upgrade from the original CardSharp, #2 features a stiffer (hehe) polypropylene body and safety lock, so you don’t have to worry about it slicing through your Tumi bag or lil’ John Jr. chopping off his digits. With just 3 clever folding maneuvers, the “card” changes into a knife, a move that is sure to impress. If nothing else, this one is a great conversation starter.