These Photos Of Star Wars Toys Make The Galaxy Come Alive

Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut photographed these Star Wars toys and along with a few photography tricks, brought the world of Star Wars to life. Imagine a galaxy where inhabitants can find the Y-Wing parked in a lot with minivans and hatchbacks. Lehtimäki also snapped a few action figures in the snow. Even C3PO has to deal with the polar vortex.

Y-Wing Fighters 02

Y-Wing Fighters 01

Millenium Falcon 03

Star Wars Action Figure 01

Star Wars Action Figure 02

Y-Wing Fighters 03

Tie Fighter 05

Tie Fighter 04

Tie Fighter 03

Tie Fighter 02

Millenium Falcon 04

Star Wars Action Figure 03

Tie Fighter 01

Millenium Falcon 02

Source: Avanaut Flickr