MeCam, Wearable Video Camera: Capture Everything

I’ll admit 97% of my life is duller than the butter knives at Chuck E. Cheese, but sometimes, sometimes this blind squirrel finds a noteworthy nut. Example: Last week I met a second cousin of the former assistant producer of the Judge Joe Brown show! I can’t make this stuff up! Wearing MeCam ($49) will finally let me capture these magical moments as this hands-free wearable video camera can be worn as a necklace or get pinned on to anything. The small size, light weight, and ability to shoot 720P video in low-light conditions through its Infrared (IR) LED lights makes the MeCam a nice YouCam too.

Canon Cinema EOS C300

The battle for digital cinema recording supremacy just went from RED to white-hot. Canon, a longtime king of the imaging world, has never really been a major player when it comes to moviemaking– until now. Leading off their new line of cameras aimed directly at filmmakers (and at the high-tech industry-leading RED cameras) is the Cinema EOS C300.

This baby boasts a bevy of beautiful specs, including a new 8.3 megapixel 2160×3840 Super-35 CMOS sensor (4K resolution) with Digic DV III processor. The C300 is expected to bring amazing light-gathering capability to the table, allowing for better sensitivity and less  noise. The body clocks in at 3.2 pounds, factoring in an external 4-inch monitor to accompany your electronic viewfinder. Lenses come in a variety of sizes: two 14.5-60mm lenses, two 30-300mm lenses, three EF prime lenses at 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm. Don’t look for the autofocus here; the C300 is manual in every sense of the word. It’s all about performance and control with this one. The first model drops in January for a cool $20,000. Get that script ready.

Phantom v1610 High Speed Camera

The Phantom v1610 may not have the most consumer friendly of name but what it lacks in memorability it makes up for with function. Let me tell you what I mean. The Phantom (price TBA) is a widescreen camera capable of shooting 16,000 frames per second at 1280×800 resolution and even has the ability to be ramped up to a mind-blowing 1,000,000 fps.

“Okay, okay, but what does that techno-babble mean for me?,” you’re probably asking. In layman’s terms, if you had shot your sex tape on this thing, you’d have irrefutable proof that you’re not actually the minute-man your girlfriend says you are.