Ridge Wallet: Your Cash Deserves To Ride Shotgun

We men have traditionally kept our wallets in our back pockets, but is the rear seat what our dead presidents truly deserve? Our credit cards? Our IDs? Our 2010-purchased condoms? No sir. Slim things down and move your valuables to the shotgun spot with the Ridge ($38), a slim, aluminum and stainless steel wallet that lets you hold up to 10 cards and some cash right there in your front pocket. The Ridge also blocks RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), so tech-savvy bad guys won’t be able to swipe your vital info. Plus low-tech baddies who now try to pickpocket will just get a handful of ass, so everybody wins here. [via]

Obtainium Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Wallet

If you want your wallet to be simple, strong, and sexy, it’s tough to beat the Obtainium wallet ($99). Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard-coated to a satin texture, this minimalist money-holder is incredibly durable, and the unique strap system lets you easily slide your license in after that fresh-faced cashier at Target once again cards you for your weekly Mich Ultra purchase. You ever think maybe she/he has the hots for you? Beware: this wallet will only add to your appeal.

Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet

The “Nude Approach” isn’t just a lifestyle practiced by some freethinking communities, it’s also the idea behind Bellroy’s new minimalistic concept. The Card Sleeve Wallet ($55) does away with the traditional bi-fold arrangement and maintains only a vegetable tanned leather sleeve with slits on each end for quick extraction of business cards, credit cards, or folded dollar bills. The sleeve features a pull-tab to avoid any type of unwanted delay in removing your items. Also, some members of these aforementioned communities also come with a pull-tab, but any type of temptation to pull on these will be quickly interrupted by the discovery that they produce no money.

TGT Wallet

Us writers generally don’t have this problem (we’re poor as F), but I hear bulky wallets can be a nuisance, especially when you’re trying to project a nice shapely rear end to the world. The TGT (pronounced “tight”) wallet ($16) takes the typical wallet and trims the fat like an Olsen twin with a cut of prime rib. It’s a paper-thin elastic and leather wallet made in Brooklyn, NY, and it promises to hold all your vital stuff without weighing down your caboose. Of course, your other option for a lighter wallet is to become a writer.

Slim Timber Wood Wallet

Well, what do we have here? A wallet made out of wood. You know where this thing probably shines? And the people behind it aren’t gonna admit to this, but I’m guessing the Slim Timber Wood Wallet ($45) excels at keeping condoms safe. Ya ever have a condom in your wallet for so long, that by the time you’re lucky enough to get some (sex), that thing is flatter than Natalie Portman? Yeah; that’s happened. Each wallet is handmade, so no two wallets are alike. Then again, if you run into someone on the street who also has a wooden wallet, odds are an asteroid is about to hit your neck.

The Moneywrap

Women are notorious for sizing a man up; checking out his jeans; and admiring the bulge–in his back pocket. Yup, no matter how hard you might want ’em fixated on the front, it’s that wallet outline that ladies love to spy on, determining your net worth with just a cursory glance. Combat these broads at their own game with the Moneywrap ($56), a minimalist wallet that shrinks to iPhone size with the help of crafty engineering and an elastic band. It holds your cash and cards with the tiniest of footprints, so these wallet-watching women won’t even know where to look, perhaps causing them to, yes, inadvertently gaze in the general direction of your fully clothed penis. Happy now?

Men’s Heritage Baseball Collection by Coach

If you’ve ever seen a “Web Gem” on ESPN and thought “Nice catch, dude, but that glove of yours would look a lot better as a wallet in my jeans pocket,” take note. The latest in leather accessories from Coach, dubbed the “Men’s Heritage Baseball Collection“, uses glove-tanned leather to create wallets, bags, and paperweights that’ll scratch your itch for America’s pastime with every crotch adjustment. The New Heritage Baseball Double Billfold Wallet ($168) is hand-assembled and precisely stitched. Pick one of these up before the Yankees buy them all.

Batman Money Clip

Other than the Bat-Tampon, what’s the one Bat device the caped crusader never whipped out in a pinch? Correct! It’s the Batman Money Clip ($40), which is now here to hold your cash and if need be, serve as a baddie beat-down instrument. With die-cast metal construction, a matte black rubberized coating, and a magnetized grip to hold your wads and wads of cash (OK, fine, $11), the only way you’ll be more prepared for Gotham’s goons is if you have a scantily clad chum named Dick Grayson riding in your sidecar.