Moto 360: Google’s New Smartwatch

The smartwatch game is growing exponentially and now, Google wants a piece of the action. They’ll unleash the Moto 360 onto wrists everywhere come summer 2014. Google’s Android Wear, a modified operating system for wearables, powers the Moto 360. The watch will respond to the phrase “OK Google” and a quick flick of the wrist lets the wearer see who’s emailing or calling, remind them of upcoming events or keep abreast of Google+.

Thankfully, Moto 360 will look like an actual watch. It’ll have a round face with premium materials holding it all together. No word on pricing, but this looks like a hit.

These Headphones Will Cost A Lot To Lose

Wearable technology, it’s a thing now. Apple’s smartwatch might monitor your health, Google plans to make smart contact lenses, the list is endless. The Dash ($199), while not revolutionary, takes a small step into the future with these in-ear Bluetooth headphones. They have all the requisite headphone features: noise cancellation, 4GB of onboard storage, ear bone transduction microphone.

What sets it apart are the in-built health and body sensors. These help track your heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy expenditure. What they haven’t figured out is how to keep us from losing headphones. There’s a reason most cost $10.

Jawbone UP24: Today I Will Get Off My Ass

The Jawbone Up24 ($149) is a fitness-tracking wristband with a bit of a ‘tude. Wearing one and using its new wireless syncing feature (using low-energy Bluetooth) will get you plenty of real-time data about your road to anti-chubbiness, with a healthy dash of sass along the way. The Up app will suggest you get to bed earlier or walk more steps throughout the day with plenty of “Today I Will” messages on your phone. If you’re the type that needs a little push to get going, this could work out nicely for you. If you deeply resent all types of authority figures — even ones with artificial intelligence — then definitely invest in a sturdy phone case.

Fitbit Force: Just How Much Of A Stair Master Are You?

Fitness-tracking bands are indeed trendy right now, but how many of them can measure your altitude? If you’re gonna skip the elevator for the stairs at work, you damn sure want extra credit for that from your bracelet. The Fitbit Force ($TBA) is the successor to the Fitbit Flex, and the built-in altimeter is one of its key new features, letting you know just how many steps you conquered each day. It’ll also function as a watch, a key upgrade over the Fitbit Flex, and will feature a partially water-resistant body.

Nymi: Heartbeat Smartbeat

Nymi ($79) is a bracelet that promises to make your life a lot easier, all thanks to that little bump-bump, bump-bump going on in your chest. Apparently every person has a unique heartbeat, a cardiac rhythm if you will, and reading that rhythm lets Nymi recognize your beat and only your beat, freeing you up to wirelessly control your phone, car, and more with Bluetooth and simple gesture controls. It’s a life without passwords, and isn’t that what we all crave?

Kapture Wristband Recorder: From Baby’s First Words To Girlfriend’s Funniest Fart

If you sometimes come off as witty, insightful, and charming, and those times were 2/11/97, July 4 2002, and last Wednesday, you might need a little proof that you’re capable of convo skills. Kapture promises to be there, right on your wrist, the next time you strike gold with your tongue and gums, or when your kid says their first words, or when your girlfriend accidentally lets one rip. Kapture is a wristband with a built-in omnidirectional microphone that’s always on and ready to save the last 60-seconds of audio whenever you tap it. The file is then ready to be named, edited, and shared. Just be smart about sharing that girl fart audio… it’s a risky endeavor.

Bulbul Pebble Watches: It’s Time For Simple

With a number of smartwatches already on the market, and some big brands jumping into the game soon, it’s only a matter of time before you start getting judged by what’s on your wrist. Strike a preemptive blow to this trendy tech craze with the elegantly simple Bulbul Pebble Watches ($440). With their minimalist designs, Italian leather bands, and finely tuned, Swiss-made, four-jewel Ronda quartz movement innards, we think you’ll be able to live without the nonstop Facebook updates.

MYO Gesture Control Armband: One Jedi Coming Up

The casting call has begun for the next Star Wars movie, and if you’re hoping to catch director J.J. Abrams’ eye, you’re gonna need to bring some Jedi badassery to the table. Lean on the MYO gesture control armband ($149) for that. MYO lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and perhaps J.J.’s phone too, if you know what we mean. Sashay into that audition with some MYO powers while wearing Leia’s slave girl costume and you’ll soon be calling Harrison Ford “Harry” on the set. He likes that.