Whiskey Blender

While most of us don’t have the time or energy to make our own adult beverages, some people actually live for this stuff. Take my Uncle Ray, for example. He spends hours making, bottling and creating labels for his own wines, which he eventually gives as gifts to everyone and anyone he knows, whether they want his homemade (way too sweet but bless his southern heart for trying) vino. So, with that said, you may know someone who would be all about Whiskey Blender, priced at $55, that lets users choose from seven different kinds of whiskey to create their own concoctions. Users can then label their custom-made blend on the 70cl corked decanter bottle. Just know that if you give this as a gift, you will undoubtedly receive a bottle of mystery whiskey yourself. Now that’s the gift that keeps on givin’. Learn more in the video after the jump.

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