Three’s a Crowd Volume II: A White Stripes Photo Documentary

Sadly, the White Stripes are no more. Guess they made enough money and decided now’s a good time to protect their legacy. If you need your White Stripes fix though, go here and contribute to Ewan Spencer’s Three’s a Crowd Volume II. The book is relying on a Kickstarter-esque campaign to fund its printing. When printed, the book will chronicle Ewan’s four year journey with the band from 2001 to 2005. Those are probably the most fertile years for the White Stripes, likely also their most popular. See all the hilarious hijinks that Meg and Jack get themselves into. The craziness multiplies when they bring in another girl bandmember. Jack White even has to pretend he’s gay just so Mr. Furley doesn’t get suspicious.

Contribute $50 and you get your name in the book, a copy of the book and an invite to the special release party. In London. Where Jack White, MIGHT, be there.