Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew And Bottle Opener

What makes a home classy and inviting to girls are the little touches throughout. No girl wants to see a condom bowl in every room. They want an atmosphere created by stuff like this Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew And Bottle Opener ($15). Pop open a bottle of Chardonnay with this and then pour your wine into a nice wine glass. Hopefully, you aren’t pouring wine into one of your 32-ounce AM/PM plastic cups. That’s turrrrible.

Savino: Because Wine Wasn’t Meant For Chugging

Keeping an opened bottle of wine fresh is difficult, but chugging the remaining five ounces in a sick show of Sauvignon savagery is not the answer. Savino ($49.95) promises to save your wine for up to seven days with its unique floating mechanism. Add a drip-free rim, top that prevents accidental spills, and the capacity to hold 750ml of wine, and you finally have an alternative to guzzling your Merlot like a maniac.

Zebag Wine Carrier

Far be it for us to tell you how to run your life, but do you think it’s possible that your technique of carrying wine bottles in loaves of holed-out Italian bread can be improved upon? The Zebag ($45) safely holds and insulates six bottles of vino as you scamper from one girl’s house to the next (you sly dog), and even opens up to become an 11-bottle wine rack should you ever settle down. Stop stuffing the Italian bread with wine and use it for what it’s meant for: mercilessly attacking Olive Garden waiters.