Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew And Bottle Opener

What makes a home classy and inviting to girls are the little touches throughout. No girl wants to see a condom bowl in every room. They want an atmosphere created by stuff like this Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew And Bottle Opener ($15). Pop open a bottle of Chardonnay with this and then pour your wine into a nice wine glass. Hopefully, you aren’t pouring wine into one of your 32-ounce AM/PM plastic cups. That’s turrrrible.

Bare Knuckle Corkscrew

All of your friends laughing about your job as a professional wine opener? Well with this Bare Knuckle Corkscrew, you can teach your friends a thing or two about manners. While you open their bottle. Remember to let it breathe. Purchasable at Think Geek.