Aether Apparel Altitude Jacket and Apex Pant

All of us need that someone to understand our temperamental unique characteristics, that one person who”ll understand we’re liable to turn on the AC and heater during the same fifteen minute car trip. Well, when people fall short, there’s the Aether’s Altitude Men’s Snow Jacket ($675), with Schoeller® c_change™ smart fabric, or ‘sympathetic’ membrane technology. It functions to either release or retain heat in proportion to the amount of aerobic activity being employed. The Apex Snow Pants ($375) were designed in company with the jacket and also include body-temperature regulation, in addition to an ergonomic fit for ample range of motion. Never has it felt so good to be understood.

Nike Snowboarding Special Edition Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Boot

Yogi Berra said 90% of baseball is half mental, and if that’s true, then clearly 45% of snowboarding is three-fifths mental. Don’t try to figure that out, just psyche yourself up for the slopes with the Nike Snowboarding Special Edition Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Boot ($350). The unique double tongue system sets it apart from the original Nike Zoom Force 1 Boot, and the fierce motivational artwork is clearly inspired by the classic American dogfighting planes of years past.

Oakley Airwave Goggle

Would you like some Google with your goggles? OK, so these Oakley Airwave Goggles (500 euros) don’t let you surf the web while on the slopes, but they do feature a fanciful heads-up display that includes GPS, Bluetooth, and even personal skiing stats. Connect them to your iPhone and control your music, text messages and caller ID while careening down the side of Nutsmash Hill. Hey, you’re a multitasker, right?

Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

November is here, and before you can say kumqwat pie, there will be snow on the ground and free time to frolic in it. Instead of that rusty old bloodstained toboggan, upgrade your sledding experience this year with the Stealth-X from Snolo Sleds ($3,000).  Made of the badass material du jour, carbon fiber, this thing carves through the powder like your Aunt Helen carves through the pecan pie. It also folds up into a backpack so you can skidaddle (as Helen would say) off the hills quickly when your extremities start to tingle.

Bataleon Enemy+++

You no longer have to wait until Rosie the maid becomes a robot and your suitcase doubles as your car to see what the snowboard of the future looks like. The Bataleon Enemy+++ is it, made from the finest of materials. Its lightweight core and thinner Lightning edges enable you to carve with precision, but don’t be fooled; this board is strong enough to withstand even the most gnarly crash, because its made of durable Poplar and Paulownia woods. Available in sizes 157, 160, and 163, this board’s sick Nano Carbon Hi Speed base gives it an insanely fast slide. How does it look, you ask? If you come to the half-pipe with your modern, all-black Enemy+++ in hand, your opponents should be afraid – very afraid.

Nike 6.0 Holiday 2011 Outerwear Collection Lookbook

Nike revealed their Nike 6.0 Holiday 2011 Outerwear Collection Lookbook, giving you more choices for this upcoming snowboard season. Nike riders Greg Bretz, Spencer O’Brien, and Ellery Hollingsworth, to name a few, come out sporting various jackets and pants for your shredding pleasure, like the goose down insulated Bellevue Jacket. In true Nike form, all the featured outerwear is waterproof, breathable, and durable to ensure maximum comfort and functionality. Even if you’re not a snowboarder, this Lookbook may change your mind. After all, who wouldn’t want to look as cool as these guys do?