Weekend Refill, 5.03.13

Pole dancers have awesome grip strength. Just putting it out there.

– Rapper Danny Brown got a blow job onstage (The Blemish)

– The best in hand bras (slightly NSFW) (Bro My God)

– Woo women with a nice bachelor pad (Ask Men)

– Pole dancer photography (Sneakhype)

– The Walking Dead bad lip reading makeover (HuffPo)

– Kareem Abdul Jabbar: What I wish I knew (Esquire)

– Eat an apple. Like a boss (Foodbeast)

– A hypnotizing look inside an Amazon warehouse (High Snobiety)

5 (Asinine) Tips for a Super Summer

It never fails. The thermometer hits 85 and TV newscasters bombard us with doomsday warnings about killer jellyfish and deadly potato salad drive-bys. But man, summer only lasts two months! It needs to be sucked dry of all its fun juice, and sucked fast and hard. Ditch the nagging naysayers and click “Next” to pump up your summer fun!

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The Big Book of Pussy

Hint: The Big Book of Pussy is not about cats. Everyone has heard the legend of the vagina, and how it grants a wish to any man crafty enough to catch one. Which is technically true, because most wishes would be along the lines of “I want to have sex with a vagina, please”. The Big Book of Pussy documents the collective sightings of the elusive female vagina. This book contains photographic evidence of the vagina dating all the way back to the early 1900’s, suggesting that the vagina has been around for at least that long. And with over 400 photographs, you can bring this book to your job and confidently declare, “THEY DO EXIST!”

Kixbox 2012 Calendar

If the world is gonna end in 2012, you might as well enjoy each day, right? There’s no better way to prepare for the oncoming apocalypse than with a bevy of beautifully photographed Russian models, and that’s exactly what the Kixbox 2012 Calendar delivers. Kixbox is a Russian fashion retailer and store operator, but really, does that matter? No. What matters is that they’ve assembled an amazing cast of visually arresting porcelain-skinned beauties for you to gawk at. With names like Arina Kykyshkina,  Anna Alexandrova, and  Kristina Aleshina, they’ve got more A’s than Oakland, but they’re much hotter, too. For some sadistic reason, there are only 100 copies available starting December 15th at Kixbox.ru. Hit the jump for more pics. Most are SFW.

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