iSketchnote: Digital Doodles

Who hasn’t doodled a Michaelangeloesque creation in science class? But then that masterpiece is forever bound to your science notebook and man, no one wants to keep that thing around. The iSketchnote ($119) is an iPad cover that lets you digitize your notes and sketches in real-time with the added value of a hard copy for your files. Thanks to some fancy sensors and technology we can’t begin to comprehend, you simply draw on a piece of paper on top of the pad and whatever your write instantly appears on-screen.

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk

While it may seem like your home office contains nothing but a stash of sauce-stained Taco Bell receipts (no, they’re not deductible), we know better. We know you’ve got some important documents, and that’s why you need a workstation that looks like it fell off the plane from Lost. The Blackhawk Secretary Trunk ($3,700) is made from a patchwork of polished aluminum panels and hardwood, and it features more nooks and crannies to store your stuff than a Costco case of Thomas’ English Muffins. Weighing in at 500 pounds, it’s also lighter than 501 pounds of polar bear fur.