The Weekend Refill, 5.30.14

Joe gets an instant date with Andrea. That probably made his day.

– 15-year olds party, drink and make out. [The Blemish]
– The only way to enter a club. [Sick Chirpse]
– Moms reveal secrets their kids don’t know. [Laughing Squid]
– Don’t chase a foul ball while carrying a baby. [Deadspin]
– Yoga farmer. [Neatorama]
– A couple of elderly ladies out of place during improv [22 Words]
– Horrible tinder texts. [Sneakhype]
– Pro’s and con’s of having big boobs. [Thoughtcatalog]

Here’s the guy who makes all the WWE championship belts.

His stealing gas prank went wrong.

She wore invisible jeans. Did anyone notice?